BORDER TERRIER Litter Due June 1, 2019 Labrador Retriever Litter Mid-June

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 Purpose Bred AKC Labrador Retrievers  for Service, Working, Companion, and 

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Morgan Mills Farm is a small private kennel, located in Eastern Tennessee, dedicated to providing purpose bred AKC Labrador Retrievers.

Selectively bred and raised to produce balanced drive, biddable personality, even temperament, work ethic and intelligence; with appropriate health clearances.

Our program provides prospects for Service, Working, Field and Companion homes.

It is our belief that a dog needs to retain the traits, abilities and effectively perform the functions for which it was originally bred.

Located on a quiet country road with several acres of pastures and hills, the farm offers enclosed puppy yards, exercise yards, training arena and fields to meet the needs of these active dogs.

Morgan Mills focuses on puppy development, incorporating Puppy Culture and ENS protocols.  A confidence course is used as part of their play; with teeters, tunnels and balance toys to improve their confidence and ability to respond to unexpected movement, changes in the environment and startle recovery.

Raised in a combination home and kennel environment, pups become used to continual human interaction,  sounds of everyday activity and interaction with approved visitors 

both human and animal.

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PUPPIES AVAILABLE: Exceptional Litter


Both kennels have produced dogs that excel in ADI Service Dog Program and National Search and Rescue Programs

Pedigrees include 17 Master Hunters and 3 Field Champions

Selected for work ethic, biddability, natural retrieve instinct, structure and temperament.  The dogs were chosen specifically to provide candidates that will excel in a service dog, working dog or assistance dog environment..

These dogs are effective workers and hunters who enjoy being a loving family companion.

Health Clearances

OFA: Good; 



Nutrition and environment

Labrador Retriever puppies for hunting, service dog and companion dogs

All dogs are fed a high quality food, supplemented with raw, meaty bones, goats milk.  In addition they receive  nutritional supplements to maintain optimum health and strong immune system.

We follow the revised vaccination protocols.

Enrichment is offered in the way of TV's, CD's for sound socialization.

FitPaws is used to improve balance, core body strength and body awareness.

Essential oils are diffused for calming, air purification, non toxic cleaning.

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Breeder of Purpose bred AKC Labrador Retrievers, same lineage as dogs proven successful in National  ADI Service Dogs; SAR Programs,  Working and companion homes, service dogs

Puppies are adopted quickly, contact us to discuss availability and needs. 

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Morgan Mills Farm

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