BORDER TERRIER Litter Due June 1, 2019 Labrador Retriever Litter Mid-June

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About Border Terriers


In addition to their non-sculpted coat, Border temperament also sets the breed apart from other terriers. Because Borders were expected to run peacefully with foxhounds (similar to the Harrier), they were bred for a less dog-aggressive temperament than terriers who hunted primarily on their own. While the Border standard calls for a characteristic look of fearless and implacable determination, it states that by nature he is good-tempered.  

Border Terriers excell at performance events and are wonderful family companions.  Sturdy, compact dogs with very few health issues.  Borders are active dogs, willing to be couch companions with their people.

Prey driven and diggers; a fenced in yard is a must .


Pedigrees are available upon request.

 To be owned by a Border Terrier  is fun, comical, heartwarming and at times a challenge. A sense of humor is required with these determined and entertaining terriers. 

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